try placenames of which we arent 100% sure if theyre even slavic.
ill write them as they were written in medieval chronicles, preserving their funny orthography. year in which they were mentioned is in brackets. ill also mix in some interestingly written slavic and nonslavic placenames. you can guess  ;D

Kabalafeulde (1319)
Filka (1292)
Baasfiamyklousfelde (1299)
Zylwaswyffalw (1513)
Ighazaszalanch (1316)
Imylamochar (1476)
Elsoycha (1282)
Elsoa (1282)
Ilswa (1272)
Weresuagasa (1409)
Mokoycha (1299)
Bodonwara (1435)
Thwgrina (1397)

edit: ojojoj i forgot some more unknown ones  ;D
Noghbagh (1430)
and ofc rivers Torysa, Hornad, Poprad


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