Kanatopa – konotop, "horsedrown". name for creek, river with a kind of a soft mud, very dangerous for riders and their horses. slavic
Kemonahurka – kamenna hurka, stone hill. slavic
Korythweulgh – today Kurityán in hungary. koryto=slavic for riverbed/streambed, weulgh=maybe föld? hungarian for land.
Kuzurumezew – something in hungarian  ;D a place near šariš castle ruins.
Kwnapathaka – slavic: kuna=marten, potok=stream, creek
Kysthopul – kis=hungarian for small, topľa=slavic for warm; lesser topľa stream.
Saruschkorong – hungarian for "round swamp/forest". korong is of slavic origin, means "circle".

source: Varsik again :) one of the few good historians in slovakia

one of old names for village Hažin: Eghasatlangeswn  ;D ;D

edit: i wonder why have i posted this. you had no time for guessing  ;D


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