Thank Štajerc
I also use Wikipedia (and hundreds of other sites), but the information in the wiki is too uncertain and too little for an eBook

Slavorum eBook? well I am not a supporter and link does not work for me ^^

To my current issues (if someone can help me)
1) Slavic symbols / signs (with descriptions)
What they mean and to whom they belong
Many Internet sources describe it wrong (false gods, false signs)
2) Relatives of the Gods
E.G. who are the ten sons of Perun
Who is Veles relationship (eg he is the stepfather of Jarilo? Etc.)
Simargl, his children; Baba Jagas wild daughter;
and who created certain creatures (eg the winter demon zimy)
etc etc etc ^^

The eBook will not be commercial is, but be free in internet
I will therefore make no money, but it is purely Slavic Patriotic
but only for German-speaking Slavs
because here in Germany enough Slavs live, but almost no information about our culture there are
I had to make sometimes considered a German-speaking Slavic Forum
(I ever had a successful forum, but for a country)
Failed, it was because I had no German-Slavic people start to


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