2) Relatives of the Gods
E.G. who are the ten sons of Perun
Who is Veles relationship (eg he is the stepfather of Jarilo? Etc.)
Simargl, his children; Baba Jagas wild daughter;
and who created certain creatures (eg the winter demon zimy)
etc etc etc ^^

*Jarilo is Peruns son in his early age (teen), that later as becomes as well a God of war and his name changes to Jarovit (among western Slavs).
*Veles is Peruns brother, even to some contradictions in historical sources, they both are/should be sons of Svarog.
*Simargl is Svarogs creation in order to protect the seeds and crops that his wife plants.
*Never heard for the winter demon Zimy, must be some specific local myth but in Slavic mythology Goddess Morana could be addressed to it then.


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