Thx Mratinjak  ;)
Yes, of course I have read Wikipedia
But there is too little information for me
besides, it must be reliable information (everyone writes what he wants)
From Wiki maximum of 10 pages were in my eBook
but I've already written 119 pages
and it should be approximately 150-200 pages

The things is, there is very little known about actual pre-Christian religion of the Slavs. There are several medieval German sources on West Slavs, variuos Old Russian chronicles and sermons against paganism – from this we can gather some theonyms, some hints about deities' functions, cult and belief. But there is no "higher" mythology (as opposed to "lesser mythology", i.e. folklore demonology) survived – no texts of myths, no genealogical data about gods and goddesses. This is where comparative mythology, linguistics and ethnography come to help, but they only add some theories. And again, these studies are generally not available in English, at least to my knowledge.
There's a lot of bullshi.t in the Slavic mythology section of Wiki, yes. It's a bit sad when you compare it to the section on Germanic mythology, which is very well grounded academically. The main entry on Slavic mythology is good, though. Most of the other articles – not so much.

Feel free to ask if you have any particular question on some deity etc., I'll try to help you if I can.


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