Damn, that made me laugh.  ;D And most of it is even true. Our birocracy is really horrible. Tujec looses – probably – most of us don't like them anyway.  ;D And that thing about the language is really true. It's just amazing how every 2nd village has a different speach or dialect. That Michael Mensky rules. But why were there only Mariborčani and Prekmurci in the clips?  ??? And we're not complaining about being Slovene. We complain only over the state and all that.  ;D

I still cannot comprehend how did your people manage to create so many dialects xD
As for Mariborcani and Prekmurci, I thought the standard Slovene is spoken in the clips except in those few dialect examples  O.o
Also, how would you translate Slovene into Slovene xD ?


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