Seriously I know a theory that Bosniaks are actually bogomils who were persecuted in Bulgaria by the Orthodox church and settled in Bosnia. Anyway this theory lacks any serious and solid evidences.

So what guys you are? According to Serbs you are Serbs to Croats Croats.
Whats the Bosniak view of this question?

I don't buy the bogomil theory. Recent modern research in the topic shows little evidence for the Bosnian schismatic Christians actually being bogomils. They were a Catholic breakaway sect.  But the bogomil theory was popular a century ago. Bosniaks are Bosniaks. Most share the same medieval ancestors of Croats and Serbs but to associate them with a modern definition of Croat or Serb is incorrect. Bosniaks , like Serbs and Croats , developed their own distinct identity. I think the Bosniaks see themselves as simply Bosnians and Muslims and nothing else. The more extreme nationalist Bosniaks see Bos Cros and Bos Serbs as Catholic and Orthodox Bosniaks in denial. Sort of a retaliation to nationalist Croat and Serb claims over them.

And yes , they are Slav inasmuch as any other South Slav nation.


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