I mean in our village fireman organisated Masopust (Ostatky), Silvestr,..in other vilige they have gala-party…
I near vilige is in Fireman Volunteer Station every week mega private party… :D

Cool i didn't knew. :D

In one of my university classes, I saw a cold war era movie from Czechoslovakia about a fireman's ball  The Communist party leaders were all corrupt and the hotel workers stole extra food because there was nothing in the stores.

In New Jersey, we have a tradition called a "wet down."  This goes on in the summer and there is a giant BBQ and kegs of beer.  Then, firetrucks pull out and hose people down and people donate money to the fire squad.  Most of our fire departments are all volunteer, unless you are in a large city.

Yes this sounds roughly similar. :D


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