Enough said. And where were Serbs doing such protests? Nowhere to be seen.

I'm disgusted in my own people at the moment. But utterly proud that people like Poles are our brothers.

Thank you Poland. It's things like these that show me that my beliefs are not unfounded, and that the spirit of the Slavs remains strong indeed, despite politics, history, religion, and wars we've all been through.

Can anyone translate what they are singing?

Yeah but Poles have never been at war with you guys or lived side by side with you nor was any of their territory under threat. They're just doing what any proud Slavs would do and stand by a fellow Slavic nation, especially against some Albanians who are universally badly regarded in Europe. In pricniple and as a Slav I support the Serbs on the Kosovo issue ( we know what its like to have historic land in our country being a threat due to a rowdy population that hates our guts and our country), but I can't really see a winning scenario for Serbia. If Kosovo was to remain part of Serbia then I think Serbia should have full control of it rather than trying to offer autonomy to the majority nation within Kosovo that hates the country of Serbia. It would never work and hasn't worked. The Albanians will blame all their problems on Serbs in Belgrade ( instead of themselves) and Serbs will react and you get the same situation. But what do you do with 2 million Albanians? That's two million souls that refuse to carry a Serbian passport, follow Serbian law , or respect Serbian history, they are hostile by definition. Expelling 2 million people would simply be unacceptable ( even though Serbia can crush the KLA by itself) and I don't even think the Russians would endorse it. It's a sticky situation. Too bad you guys had Slobo calling the shots back in the day. Much better leaders could have dealt with the situation better.


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