Is it just me, or have we Serbians given up?

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I heard about a group of Serbians actively trying to get Kosovo back.

The sad thing about this is that WE COULD DO IT.
If the Albanians could take it, we can take it back.

Without the use of force though, there's no need for that and there has been too much already.

They don't talk about getting it back because it seems now that such a conversation would be meaningless because taking it back borders on impossible without severe consequences for everyone. Again , what do you do with 2 million Albanians? Drive them out? You would have to or they would leave at their own volition but I think every single Albanian would fight till there was nothing left. They are simply not the surrendering type. The Albanian ghegs have a very similar personality to Slavic highlanders and are not known well for diplomacy. Displacing and/or killing 2 million people ( along with all the Serbian causalties that would be involved) would be yield severe consequences. Such a open show of force by Serbia against 2 million people would be enough to distabilize the entire region. Conflict will easily spill into Macedonia  getting Greece and Bulgaria involved. Turkey would get involved then Russia , possibly China , Bosnia could meltdown again and you get the classic domino effect which could lead to World War. And lets not forget the U.S. presence for now. Russia will morally stand behind Serbia but I don't think it would commit to fighting the United States over a plot of land that Serbs don't even really inhabit.

Your best bet is a partition of Kosovo leaving the Northern part to Serbia. Then have Albania and Kosovo sign some kind of agreement that the two states could never merge ( i.e. Albania annexing formally Serbian territory) Kosovo on its own is a $hithole economically and one of the poorest areas of Europe. The Albanians there are not innovative and do not know how to run a prosperous country. At that point the so-called independent Kosovo would just internally detabilize but can't even join Albania. Best case scenario after many years Kosovo will look to reestablish relations with Serbia and Serbia over time with patience can slowly 'recapture' Kosovo.


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