I do not know If i got you right here. I did not mean to not allow them have children. But I would let them option for abortion in case they know that they simply are not mature enough to take care of them, or they are too poor etc. Look at gypsies, it would be better it they simply went for abortion cuz their children will never be able to incorporate to society. (I mean the ones from ghettos)

I think being poor is not any reason for abortion. My grandmas family were/are around 8 kids, they were poor folk from hills. However they were all grown to be perfectly healthy and civilised. Gypsies will not do abortion on their free will am quite sure of that. Being poor dose not desable people to be smart and normal. It's just in modern age our parents think we need so much and in end there's lots of spoiled anoying kids around all corners for whome at least for some of them maybe it would be really better they weren't here (in this world but stil…. :D


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