The only fair solution is for those who disagree with it to try to persuade and educate others about their viewpoints.  If you don't agree with abortion, speak out against it–on a personal level, not political one.

No one has the right to dominate what another person wants to do with their body.  I particularly think the issue should be exclusive to females-there's been quite enough male control and direction of female activities.  Government doesn't do a good job at directing people on what to do with their own bodies.

As far as rape goes: unless we want to live in a society where women have to jump through political and legal hoops trying to prove "yes she was really raped, so yes she really needs the abortion"–while she is dealing with PTSD–forget it.  Let people make their own choices. 

Conservatives tend to be more "pro-life," while liberals tend to be more "pro-choice."  At the end of the day, each side is trying to tell everyone what they should do, based either on religion, individual morality, etc.  It's always best to opt on the side of less government control-whether it's a right or left wing issue.

Now if only politicians could actually do that…


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