This guy basically says he dosen't know multiplication table on memory and yet he has PhD in math. Wth. ;D http://lemire.me/blog/archives/2008/07/07/i-still-dont-have-the-multiplication-tables-memorized/

Well anyway i am not mathematician and i do sux at multiplication table. :( I am not gonna lie the fact is i never tried learning it and i guess this is downturn for me since i am not quick at answering resoult on my own. It's totally embarising but fact is fact. I have decided to learn it on memory now. One more thing, for example i guess answer for 6 x 4 faster than 4 x 6 altho its the same s*hit LuLz.

Not the only one. I had memorised it but I need quite some time to recall the result. Anyway, I never bothered with that since we are allowed to use calculators in school for maths and physics.  :D But I see a point in the article. What's the good if you're able to do a irational equation but fail at a simple intersectional calculation.


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