I doubt this guy is for real. He probably wouldn't be able to calculate all the problems in his exams if he didn't knew 10×10 multiplication table by heart.

He claims he dose it by "cauculating" on his own instead of pure memory but yeah i am sceptical too.

Anyway Povhec, since you don't know multiplication table how do you go shopping in market? You take calculator with yourself or you just trust the traders? ;D

Well i either do "calculation" on myself in my mind which takes me quite some time or i just simply trust traders so i always take an account with myself just in case. Most often i make cauculation and prepare my money before i go to seller. Talking about that i always make sure every single cent i have is wisely spent. So if product is 6,47 € i will give precisely that amount of money. ;D

Altho i often use automatic seller. Those new machines where you do everything yourself when buying. They are birlliant. XD Anyway multiplications like 10×10 are no problem. I got screwed up when i need to "cauculate" fast those variants like 6 x 8, etc. :D

Not the only one. I had memorised it but I need quite some time to recall the result. Anyway, I never bothered with that since we are allowed to use calculators in school for maths and physics.  :D But I see a point in the article. What's the good if you're able to do a irational equation but fail at a simple intersectional calculation.

LOL yeah in school i did that all the time.

You don't really need to know it off by heart. You can easily work it out, it'll just take you a couple of extra seconds.

Sometimes it takes me extra awful alot of sec's. ;D


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