I have been thinking to record my grandma's dialect in wrriten form for quite some time now. According to dialectical maps it belongs to Gorenjska group which is said to be very uniform but more and more i see this is false. Even linguists are noticing that altho i agree for most part differances are not huge.

However as far as my grandma's dialect goes it is very different from other Gorenjska speeches. I can definetly see many specialities. Since this dialect will probably die off its great i save at least some info on it altho i am amateur but still i am getting grip over this stuff. Since all Slovene dialects use schwa sound or half sound and my grandma's dialect especially alot i need to have schwa letter but i am not sure which latin letter would be best. So far i have decided to use ĕ. What do you think? Any opinion or advice would be great.

First, I'm not clear about what the schwa sound is. I guess it's not švapanje, jl?  ??? So it must be the halfsound like in the correct form of pes or ves, right? So definetly not the ě, which the Czechs use for a sound that would be ecual to our "jé". I guess it's also better to avoid any fancy cirylic or even glagolitic letters as Slovenes don't use it and noone would know what that letter stands for. Why not simply Ə or è ?


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