First, I'm not clear about what the schwa sound is. I guess it's not švapanje, jl?  ??? So it must be the halfsound like in the correct form of pes or ves, right? So definetly not the ě, which the Czechs use for a sound that would be ecual to our "jé". I guess it's also better to avoid any fancy cirylic or even glagolitic letters as Slovenes don't use it and noone would know what that letter stands for. Why not simply Ə or è ?
Try one of solutions used worldwide. :)


Ъ, of course!  ;D

Seriously though, I second Štajerc. Ə or è would be best IMHO.

Ok thx. I thought of ě becouse i don't mind for what purposes others use it. Well i didn't thought of è so yeah it's pretty cool choise while Ə is not what i want altho its use precisely for halfsounds. :D However Štajerc isn't this è used for other variant of normal e?


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