I was thinking in doing something similar but I have no idea how to start, could I ask you for some advices ?

Well i am wrong person to ask. Even i don't have clue. ;D But ill try my best. Whats your question anyways? Maybe some others folks here can help if i can't. :D

As you know we have 3 e-s. The wide e (s strešico), "ozki e" (é) and "e s krativcem" (è). You can write these 3 e-s either with pronunciation marks (^,`,´) or with phonetic letters or whatever they're called (Ə and others). So in my eyes the end result is the same.

Exactly this is the problem if there are three e's and one is è then in my opinion i should use some other letter for half sound (polglasnik) becouse i want my wrriting transparent and obvious. So there wouldn't be mistake between variant of e and schwa (polglasnik). :)


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