It's a pretty bad sign, probably your premier can see nothing but downfall so he resigned as there is no possible way out. It's similar everywhere in southern sphere of Europe, banks and rating agencies owned by northern European sphere are drying the southern Europe up of cash. It's the corrupt banking system that is ruining others in favor of some (owners).

Banks are free to adjust the interest rates as it suits them after they loan you the money. They give you a large loan, then they add up interest rate while their agencies lower "loan rating ability" of your country in order to get loans harder in future. End scenario is, you have to pay back almost an unreasonable interest rate in some period of time until the taxes become so high in country that it's suffocates the economy. After that private sector due to high taxes is destroyed, then government has no industry to fill it's evaluation for public firms and pays, so it has to sell it's property as well as the whole private sector is sold to foreigners (Germany, UK, USA etc). This process goes on until the workforce worth is cheap as peanuts and government has no money plus unemployment rate is too high, which means you need an another killer, MMF. After MMF gives you the loan (with an interest rate of course) and a contract that it controls the finances in a country and not the government, so they are the final blow to the workforce price of a country as they lower the paychecks to a minimal wage so they are sure the goverment will be able to pay back the loan in minimal time basically thanks to people working hard for no wage. And there you are, in debt due to banks (including MMF) and rating agencies controlled by the countries that have the monopolist role in business of loan giving (Germany, UK, USA). In other words if you use their services as banks in their ownership and acknowledge their rating agencies (that go in their interest) it means you're gonna be exterminated in the long run.


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