Why, I just borrowed Slovak-Hungarian dictionary for tourists… and discovered that there are as bonus little gramatic lessons. It's pretty useful :)
For example I learned that Magyar language has 20 cases, but no genders, and it almost always uses same decline for plural. Slovak language has 6 cases, but three genders with together 16 patterns of declension, which have different singular and plural declestions – that's 192 ways of declension. Plus words which still use 5th case of address, such as pane, človeče, bože or priateľu. Who's hardcore now?! >:D

Learn our dual form and we'll talk then. 8)  Oh, and I just remembered the 4th Hungarian word: gulas. ;D

Dude it is so awesome language, its like mix of Slovak, German, English, Latin + some Asiatic stuff all mixed together and baked at 250°C for 10 minutes only.  :D

Well, good luck then.  :)


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