Hohoho! I feel the dark side strong in you!  ;D I'm not that kind of personality to start aufbiks – though if I'd had the reason (tujci ziher)… I could surprie myself.

Trust me you would if there was a good reason for it. I had my reasons and i started it with nice approach but if that dosent work sometimes you need to use the force. ;D

The worst is when they aim for the cheam seats or smack you in the eye. That hurts awful. I like to hit the nose as they tart crying (natural reaction). Če b jih blo več pa da bi mel boksrja, bi prvega na arkado, da se kri vlije – se drugi vsirjejo ko vidjo kri – al pa obratno, pa jih podžgeš  ;D

Hahahahha your imagination is bloody indeed. ;D


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