Hahahahha your imagination is bloody indeed. ;D

Heh, te smo pa toti Štajerci, ne?

Anyhow, another tradition I heard about has also disapeared. It refers to the days when all boys and men were still wearing hats. In alpine regions it was common to wear feathers on hats. As they could be from various birds they had no special names (except rogatci – ruševec tail feathers). They were simply called "kuražfedre", meaning courage feathers. In Gorenjska it was also tradition that a girl gave a red carnation flower to her boyfrend so they often wore them intstead or in addition to kuražfedre. And as other boys liked to push and to make competitions, kuražfedre were a trophy that was taken away from the looser. In a fight they turned their hats with the feathers to the front and fought (this represented the fight of roosters). The winner took the loosers feathers or carnation flower, which was a sign of humiliation. The more fights a man won, the reputation he had. And those who had lost had worse chanses to get a girl afterwards.



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