I heard some stories of boys dieing in fights regulary when my grandma was young. Where I live there is one fara with very distinctive villages around, boys and young men were very territorial and the traditional fight nights were:
Pust – already mentionet, the alternative use of ježovka or a plain stick at other times: help grabing a guy, step behind his back, put the stick behind his back and twist until he gives up (dies).
Cvetna nedelja – the guys with the bigger butara win, if  they could get it into the church it's way too small. There's also a no rope, no nails rule.
Kresovanje in postavljanje mlajov. Again bigger is better!
Martinovo – self explanatory
Miklavž – territorial fight between Miklavžes' escorts. (Throwing people into the freezing river was a popular tactic.)
There are death on these day people actually remeber.