The thing I love about skyrim is the fact that you can do whatever you want.For example,if you don't feel like killing Alduin,you can simply ignore the main quest.Another thing I love is the fact that there ain't no classes.That means,if you were playing a mage,and suddenly you don't want to cast spells anymore…you can now change it!It requires a few in-game hours of training(or,if you're a cheater,a few console commands),but you'll be able to switch to whatever style of playing you want!And for those who like classes,there are quite a few mods.Also,new thing in the elder scroll are the perks.And the fact that you can't complete every quest in the game is just great!Makes you choose your own path:Imperial or a Stormcloak(i chose Stormcloaks),Greybeards or Blades(I chose Greybeards).And,if you want some new stuff in game,there are a bunch of mods.
And the thing that impressed me in all Elder Scrolls,even in Arena and Daggerfall,is lore.They have so beautiful lore,it literally made me learn everything about it(and now I'm a Elder Scroll genius,hahahaha!).BTW,I think i'll be giving tips on how to build a mage,if anyone's interested.And if he/she's not.
What's your favorite DLC?My would probably be Dragonborn.
P.S. Moderators&Admins,sorry for the great period of inactivity.I was in chaos for school,but now it's all settled down.