Best RPG of all time is Baldur's Gate series.

Though it's now outdated in terms of graphics, it still has the most amazing storyline and interaction among party members and NPC's. The world is superbly done and there is a disgusting amount of content. Playing it through 20 times would get you 20 different games.

A close second is perhaps Planescape Torment. Relatively bad gameplay, but again, superb storyline and world.

As for games these days, the aforementioned Witcher series is great. Not only is it Slavic in content, but the gameplay is fun and the story excellent. Graphics are also state of the art. I could never get into Skyrim. I hated the crappy map/quest tracker and some of the races in the game (cat people? Seriously?) Could never take it seriously. I like the concept of it though, the way you can free-roam around and just kill time.

The Witcher 3 will have that very same feature. Lots of free-roaming around, a good story to finish off the series with, it will be 30 times the size of the other 2 Witcher games, and 20% larger than Skyrim. Cannot wait for its release next year.