In modern times yes but in old times not.

Indeed. Then they were called Bezjaki or just Provincial Croatians I believe.

Actually "šváby" means cockroaches :D Just a minor thing – during WW2 were Germans/Nazis called behind their backs "cockroaches" by Slovaks ;D Probably "divided" from Schwabians, who knows >:3
In my area we use "krumpľe" ;)

I believe it's common for Southern Slavs to call Germans "Švabi". At least we do. And I also think one of the Serbian names for cockroaches is Bubašvaba (I always imagine a "German bug" under this name  :D ).

Anyhow, we still didn't get to the bottom of our primar question. Why kaj? What's it's origin? Anyhow, kaj wouldn't be the first funny inovation of Slovene and Kajkavian.


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