Honestly , I haven't met a lot of Russians , certainly not enough to form a solid opinion. I will say that since they are Slavs too I automatically feel I share something with them. Typically I'll cheer for the Russian team in sports versus any non Slav team. And when its a Slav vs Slav team I don't really pick favorites ( except if its my own Slavic nation of course) but rather like to see both teams in action and cheer for both to put on a great game. Slavic fans are pretty awesome. While I've met only a few Russians the ones I've met are certainly of different personality. In High School I became friends with a Russian exchange student from Siberia. I introduced him to people of my culture and pretty soon he went to our parties and gatherings. He enjoyed it because of the common Slavic thread he recognized as well as aspects of our languages. He was proud of his Russian Slavic heritage and we all respected that. I'll never forget what he said to me " I never knew I'd learn so much about Croatia coming to America" lol.

Then I was in Busan , Korea. Part of Busan is run by the Russian mafia. There are whole neighorhoods with Russian cyrillic writing and white people. The Russian mafia is pretty stupid. Like any mafia they traffic drugs and prostitutes. In fact , it was sad seeing Russian girls acting as sex slaves for these gangsters. I don't judge all because of that but I can't deny the disgust I felt when I saw that.


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