Yeah a lot of Ukrainian Canadians keep their idenitities below the radar, because as soon as you become a vocal Ukrainian you get associated with ‘Russians’ in Canada (who can range from white Russians to Asians, Gypsies and Russian Jéws, mostly the latter). 


Like they reported this guy as a “Canadian killed in Chechnya”, then said he was Russian Canadian but no one (except for one or two writers in the entire country) mentioned his Tatar (Asian) background.

That happens all too often here.  Everyone who comes from Eastern EUrope, regardless of their ethnic background, is registered as a Slav or a Romanian.  That means when Gypsies come here, they are Romanians.  It means when Tatars come here, they are Russian / Ukrainian.  It means when a Gypsy comes from Poland and steals a whole bunch of stuff, it was a Pole who did it.  >:(

I get so sick of the Slav racism in this country it’s not funny.  Even when you go out to Edmonton, even though most people there are part Slavic, they’re ashamed of their Slavic background.  The only exception of this is when the Ukrainian person grew up in the rurals (like most of my Ukrainian family).  The urban Ukrainians are all Angloified.

I curiously looked at an online dating website for Edmonton and saw more women exaggerating their obscure German or French background than anything Slavic.  For a city that is often dubbed ‘Edmonchuck’ for its’ large Ukrainian population, I was nothing short but surprise to not find a single person mention any Ukrainian background on their profile (and yet you could find a zillion profiles mentioning German or French or Scandinavian heritage).


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