Well.. as I didn't grow up with Slavic languages…

When I would hear them on TV or the rare chances in public (I didn't live in an area with a large Slavic population) I would be fascinated. I always loved to hear foreign languages but Slavic languages or what I thought were Slavic languages were my favorite.  I could never tell the difference between different Slavic languages.  It all just sounded "Russian" to me because Russian was all I even had an idea about. Then I took 2 years of Russian in high school after my sister had had 4 years.. we had Russian exchange students.  And when I first really started learning about Serbia and Serbian – I couldn't tell so much a difference.  Now I can. I, however, cannot tell a difference between Russian and Ukrainian. I can't say I could pick up which other Slavic languages I hear at times.  If it's outside of Russian or Serbian.. I'm fairly clueless.


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