My boyfriend is Croatian.  I think it sounds exactly like what Svevland said-not opening mouth completely.  To say so many consonants together, I think it has to sound that way lol. 

Also, the tone is not as harsh as Russian, but we had a lot of trouble for the first while that we dated.  I would always think he was mad at me because of his tone.  Then we would be on the phone and I would hear him talking to someone and would think they were arguing and something horrible happened, so I would ask him and it would be something like "oh I just asked my dad to get some milk." lol 

Czech sounds similar to Croatian to me, but the tone sounds a lot softer and less….uhm….intimidating to be honest lol.

Russian sounds expressive and the tone is even harsher than Croatian.

And that ends my experience with Slavic speakers!


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