its very simplified and theres lots of mixed up terminology. when hes trying to use synonyms for position of village mayor, he could use all of them, not pick only some. anyway soltész (šoltes, šoltys) isnt really synonymical with richtar, depends on location and context.
organization of hungarian society in high middle ages was different than in late middle ages and modern age pre-1848. great part of emigration to usa originated in villages headed by krajňak. why is that omitted?

iobagiones – its an early feudal term, basically a feudal land tenure. their status wasnt the same as status of common peasants in modern age.
before 13th century, lower strata of society society was (according to their freedom level) divided like this:
(am not sure if i translated the terminology well, so this is rather descriptive)

1. free people (old families, craftsmen, settlers by emphyteutic law etc, later mostly transformed to nobility and free townspeople)
2. people free under condition: royal iobagiones (personal freedom, donations, obliged to serve in royal army, later gave birth to free class and lower nobility, together with free people)
                                                        castle iobagiones (personal freedom, bound to land (which they cant own), lived near castles and provided garrison manpower and military/technical services to castle, pay tithes etc, later they became serfs)
                                                        castrenses (castle servants, dont fight, hereditary land use (cant own land), payments, restricted personal freedom, transformed to serfs)
3. people without freedom (born to woman married to slave, child born from concubinate with priest, slaves "freed" by testament, etc.)
4. slaves

in 13th century, hungarian society began (according to modified west european model) transform into estates of the realm:
estate of nobility (including roman catholic clergy)
urban estate (bourgeoisie)
estate of serfdom

each of them could be divided further, and every group was subjected to particular legal regime (legal particularism).

(edited for mistakes)


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