I voted for "YOU IDIOT, THERE ARE NO DARK SLAVS!!!" because i am a very light blonde/blue eyed slav :P

Ko priznaje pola mu se prašta  ;D
You can vote for whatever you want, that's why I made the poll

I know some "darkish" persons from around here but I don't know are they Slavs or not and I can't know are they tanned or not xD
I am not really sure how genetics work in my family –
I am quite pale and have light brown hair and eyes, my brother looks like a male version of Snow White.
My mother has black hair and pale tan while my father had brown hair and "normal" skin colour.
While my grandpa is really weird because his skin is getting darker each year xD

Interesting. My dad and his part of family all got black hair & blue eyes, mom's side mostly blond hair and light eyes, so I'm somewhere in between.


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