Eastern Slavs
The biggest Slavic countries. Russia should have its own category :D Personally I met only Rusyns and Belarussians (in Špania Dolina), and few Ukrainians online. Non-slavic knows only Russia and USSR and thinks that everything here is Russian.

Western Slavs
Too much eastern to be western, and too much western to be eastern. That's why we call themselves Central Europeans. Slovenians should belong here. Rest of world thinks we're part of Yugoslavia. I met all nations excelt Lusatians and Kashubians. Almost everyone were fine people. Once was in Praha, once in Osvienčim.

Southern Slavs
Bosnia has probably the shortest sea coast on the world. Slovenia should be with us >.< Met one Serbian and some Croatians, awesome people. My old teacher was from Montenegro, very nice woman :) Bulgaria should have its own category, at least when it comes to language.


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