Western Slavs – I like Polish. They are a strong and proud nation with deep history. Czech , don't really know any but I am some small percentage Czech. Slovaks are interesting since they are basically in the 'middle' of all Slavic nations sort of like the eye or core of Slavia and it reflects in their culture. The other western Slavs I don't know much about. Do I consider Gradiscanski Hrvati as southern Slavs or now western Slavs?

East Slavs – Russians have made the most impact on the world from an international standpoint. Russians also gave us all the honor of saying Slavs were the first people in space :). Ukraine seems like a very awesome place to visit. I like their history and culture and cossaks :P. Belarus I always ( naively) just considered Russian or even somewhat Ukrainian state. Rusyns intrigue me since I am part Rusyn and can directly trace that ancestry. Sad Rusyn's do not have their own country , I hope their culture is preserved.

South Slavs – Ah my neighborhood. It's hard to meet a Slovenian anywhere but my gf was actually Slovenian plus I met a handful on vacation in Croatia as well as in the U.S. Their stereotype is wrong about being 'skrti' Slovenians I met are fun loving , relaxed , and do not mind buying everyone a drink :) Btw , I want to ski in Slovenia :) Croats are my people and we are an interesting bunch. Croats come in so many flavors and varieties from Dalmatia to Slavonia so much so that I would argue we are probably the most culturally diverse of all the Slav nations. We are stubborn but kind and hold strong to traditions. Bosniaks are funny , easy going , and just an all around pleasure to be around. Serbs in many ways are like us Croats. They are proud of what's theirs , they hold on to it stubbornly, and proud of their traditions. At the same time Serbs are easy going. There is a saying Srbi znaju plesati , Bosanci znaju pjevati , Hrvati znaju svirati. We all do kick ass music. I like Macedonians and sympathize with their akward political position. Macedonians are fun fun fun and Macedonian traditional music is amazing. Girls are hot too. Don't know too much about Bulgarians but they share a lot in common with Macedonians so they are ok in my book. Oh and Montenegrins… only been to the northern coastline and its virtually indistinguishable from Croatia. I know there is a lot of highland tradition in Montenegro and that reminds me of Hercegovina so o.k. in my book :)


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