I cannot give opinions based on geographical locations.  I've met Slavs born and raised in the US who hold more dearly being Slavic than those I've been on this side of the ocean.  And of course the opposite.  I've met great Russians and asshole Russians.. and same for Serbs, Poles, Ukrainians.  Honestly, except for the Croats here on the forum, I've only met 3 Croats I actually liked.  And they were from my childhood.

But in the end.. I love us all.  We're a true family… we all bicker and fight like siblings but the first time you say something horrible about our siblings, we will kick your ass.  It's like my older sister when I was growing up.. she would beat my ass… but someone else try to touch me and she'd try to kill them.  That's how I view Slavs.


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