LOL there are many threads here such as "what's your opinion about non slavs, opinion about balts, Greeks,  Iberians, Finns etc". and the only opinion which has not been discussed is the opinion of slavorum members about their own people, or the opinion of the few non slavs of slavorum about slavs.

so what is your opinion about:

1)eastern slavs
2)western slavs
3)Southern slavs

Hm, lets start:

Eastern Slavs
Russians and Belorussians – melancholic and chaotic but adaptable
Ukrainians – same as Russians and Belorussian + very rebellious

Western Slavs
Poles – Brave and stubborn, some would say stupid, I don't think so
Czechs –  very liberal and righteous
Slovaks –  ??? (No idea really, even though there are few Slovaks here I never heard any stereotype about the general population  ;D ) In short total enigma

South Slavs
South Slavs minus Slovenians and Bulgarians – Nationalistic, overly impulsive and overly sensitive, but can be open and friendly when they get to know you
Slovenians – joyful and cheerful people, can turn irritating sometimes, but only if you step hard on their nerves
Bulgarians – pure weasels ;D Actually Bulgarians I know are friendly and open minded people, they burst as well if they're under pressure like the ex-Yugoslav group. So I guess the Ex-Yugoslavs were like that prior to all ******** that happened all around the western Balkans


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