i think indagines on portion of borders of early medieval hungary were something similar – a large swath of barren, sparsely inhabited land (terra nullius), road defense posts garrisoned by various guard settlers (cumans, pechenegs, rusyns, magyars…) and the border between kingdom proper and "terra ultra indagines" was marked with tree alleys or lines (as far as i know, at least one portion of hungarys northern indagines was marked by lines of appletrees).
purpose of these border defenses was to slow down and exhaust raiding army and to deter from attack.

when you cut some branches (of a tree or a bush) in the right way, youll cause a wildgrowth. branches will become more dense, and after some times its impossible to get through such bush line unless you burn or cut it completely. i think this might have been used at hungarys borders, too.


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