I also think we should stop interfering in their politics but there are big things in the game. Many of which are in the big interest of the capital.

Yes but some of those games are too big to be of any use.

I agree in principal, however, Europe could also act as a mediator in such cases.

It may be possible. So long as we are not doing Neo-Conservative crusades for a certain country there or any other stupidity.

Europe, North America and Australia need to stop being dependent on M.E. oil.  They need to stop *****ic fundamentalism out and stop kissing Israel's ass.  The M.E. is only important due to oil, get rid of that tie and there is no need to meddle. 

Yes, one of the major problems are the excessively close ties to Israel at the expense of good relations with other countries. America would solve many problems for themselves if they would stay in the American continent.


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