Exactly. As I said, in the case of conflicts like Iran-Iraq, we should aim to reconcile the sides. They need to realize that by going at each other, they are only playing into the hands of those who want to see both of them dead. They need to be convinced that they are on the same side really and ultimately also on the same side as us. Same goes for us of course. We need to let go of all our internal squabbels, as difficult as it might be (and I'm making not a single exception here, neither for Romanians nor Russians, heck, not even Anglos :D), and focus on the real enemy.

The ironic part is that Israel sold weapons to Iraq during the war with Iran.  The USA pressured the UN to under report Iraqi use of chemical weapons and play up the Iranian use of them.  Top it off with the fact  that during the 1st Gulf war, the Kuwaitis were drinking in Cairo and Germany while others fought for their country. 

I'm so sick of the US/British idea of forming the Anglo-Saxon global police force.  Each nation has a right to govern themselves without meddling and as long as they don't threaten others, mind our own business. 

We complain that Russia and China are using their Veto power in the UN Security Council, while we use the same to protect Israel while they oppress the West Bank Palestinians. 


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