I dislike the way Europe is always involved in Middle Eastern politics. It is only a source of trouble for Europe. There is no need to constantly be interfering in the conflicts there. More harm can come than anything good. For example, the Western support for Israel is not something I understand. In my view Europe should stay outside Middle Eastern politics. It should not support Israel or any other party in the region. Also it should not even support Iran. Simply the best solution is to stay outside Middle Eastern politics. All Western soldiers and military bases should be taken out of the region. If there is a problem there or event, it would also be best not to issue a statement. For example if there are protests or uprisings in an Arab country then the West should not offer its opinion.

Is it possible?

What is this "Europe" you are speaking of? I don't know of any "Europe" as a political entity, much less a foreign policy.


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