The National Guards Unit of Bulgaria is successor of the Personal Cavalry Convoy of Knyaz Alexander I, founded on July 12 1879, when the guards escorted the Bulgarian Knyaz for the first time. That's why 12 July is the official holiday of the National Guard unit.

Throughout the years the structure of the guards has changed from convoy to squadron, regiment and after 1942 – division. Today it includes military units for army salute and wind orchestra and the guardsmen have changed their arms from cavalry to infantry.

In 2001 the National Guards Unit was approved for official military unit of the Bulgarian Army and one of the symbols of the state authority along with the flag, the coat of arms and the national anthem.

This is the only military structure responsible for the realization of its main functions with the spiritual aspects of the national cause, highlighted in the Conception for national security and the military doctrine of the Republic of Bulgaria. The mission of the National Guards Unit is not just to represent the military traditions and rituals, but also to be center for their revival and enrichment in order to preserve and approve the national identity.


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