The Orthodox churches are national and serving to the God is an excuse to cover up the chauvinism. The church state separation is just a saying and never in practice. There is no case of an Ethnic Orthodox church to be established before the national (ethnic) state had been established first. So the state tries to separate the church from the Constantinople Patriarchy and establish its own national Patriarchy or similar as a tool. So we had been under constant pressure to be recorded as Serbs or Bulgarians or Greeks depending when and which national church had occupied the Orthodox churches in Macedonia.

Some like Trayko believe that we are Bulgarians because as a such we were presented by the Bulgarian Exarchate which of course was a tool in the hands of the Bulgarian state.

I feel sorry for such people showing mental incapability to recognize the dirty games of the  foreign Orthodox churches. 

Thanks to God we have our Macedonian Orthodox church at last. Although not recognised but who cares we are not recognised as well and it will not make us disappear only because the bad people are all around us.