The question of Bosnia and Herzegovina will never be cleared up, because of politics. Afterall, the politics messed up this and other Ex-yu countries, but still I don't understand why negate a fully acknowledged region as it is Republic of Srpska. Afterall in Bosnia there are three constitutional nationalities, not one.

As far as I see it nobody says that RS is not there. There is two problems, bosnian Serbs who are taught that RS is a country and not just political reagion of BiH and Bosniaks who will never accept these kind state of mind. I am one of those who does not give a f*** who is who in Bosnia or our YUGO – region but I believe that we would live better without these two political borders. People of Bosnia does not have any use of these separation, only politicans do and they will do whatever it takes to hold situation like this cause of their well being, not ours. Those who do not hate people just because of their ethnicity on Balkans are my Slavic brothers, I believe in our Slavic unity. Nations are artificial, we are all humans at the end and we share the same blood. Trust me in my words, I study ethnology and cultural anthropology and every success of my fellow Balkan people is like a succsess for me.