That is more nationalistic to me, we also have one nationalistic organisation that have motto '' Bosna Bošnjacima ''.  '' Tukaj je Slovenija '' is very ok with me, at the end Slovenia is there where it is.

Yes, but I'm trying to say that such a motto would be useful for us only at home, inside the borders of Slovenia. You can't go abroad and yell "tukaj je Slovenija" – you'll get beaten up to trash! ;D

It's hard to come up with a good motto and izumljati toplo vodo for the case leads us nowhere. Thatfor I believe Stati inu obstati is the best choice if a official motto should be sellected once. Afterall, it says it all: we are and with god's help we shall still be around for a long time. Plus, it's historic, short, undestandable and all.