Thats true, Hungarians are often called “Slavs in denial” because of their genetics. But they are not Slavic enough ,they are more like Romanians ,impossible to define.

But actually its a holdiay ,one of the most important holidays in native European religions ,a day of the beginning of the spring ,a day of reincarnation and procreation.
I’ve made love today ,ate well ,now I have some time so I’ll respond to this crap our troll wrote.

Some of those symbols are so old that not even Indo-European they are found even on the other continents. Claiming that triskel is excusively Celtic symbol is ignorant ,because there are numerous versions of one symbol in many cultures and believe me ,there is nothing complicated in making symbol like triskel. And name is simply a name.
Swastika is one of those symbols that are found even on other continents. Name is from sanskrit which is one of the Indo-European languages -the most similar in Europe are Balto-Slavic languages. There is also genetical connection between Slavs ,Scythians/Sarmatians and Aryans they all are/were R1a. This haplogroup is most frequent in India but only among the ruling class. Next strongest frequency is among Lusatian Sorbs and Kashebians (but basically all Lechites).
This haplogroup was also found among 100% of examined DNA samples related to Corded Ware Culture (Battle Axe culture) ,the biggest and most expansive prehistoric culture.
But back to swastika – the oldest known swastika in the world was found in Ukraine which is claimed to be the “homeland” of Slavs even by the most hateful people. Too bad for you :(

“Slavs were always ruled by foreign nations” – any proofs? I know only about mixing of Slavs and other tribes from same cultural circle like Scythians and Sarmatians. Even Goths who were living on those lands peacefully with locals were not mixing with them. The most “mixed” Slavic nations are those who conquered other people like Southern Slavs and Russians. Poland even after such unpeaceful history is one of the most pure and homogenic countries in Europe. And genetical researches are one after another all proving that Slavic expansion was spreading from Poland which have genetical continuity even older than Battle Axe culture. Most of Poland have continuity since 8000 BC.

“especially by Avars (=”Hebrews”); that’s why you will find “DADZBOG SYMBOL” symbol in Israel, Turkey, Khazaria(Georgia and Caucasus), just like you will find it also in Slav lands.” – Its the first time I’ve heard a theory that Avars were “hebrew”. Actually genetics show that most jews never left Israel and they are now Palestinians.
I was trying to find anything about “Dadzbog symbol” in Israel but the only link was to your comment here ;)
But you know ,there were statues of buddha found in Scandinavian graves.

“And this symbol was not even identified with some “Dadzbog” (derives from Sumerian word and god Dazubug) but was identified with protection.” – Slavic culture and languages have strong ties to Iranian ,Persian ,Aryan and Summerian cultures. I wont bother to check this info but there is nothing strange in using same words but with different meaning in different but related cultures. Most languages ,when they evolve have same words meaning something different (for example word “miesiąc” means “month” while in old-Polish it means “moon” -and educated Poles will understand this second meaning even if you’ll use it today).
There are tons of words common for Slavic ,Persian ,Iranian and Aryan languages. I dont know about Summerian ,as far as I know their language was very closed and isolated ,but its cool if we have Summerian influences in Slavonic languages.

“Slavonics are a regional, ethnic group in Slavonia, Croatia” – I didnt knew that. So Old-Church-Slavonic is their regional language? ;) I thought that its rather other name for Old-Bulgarian. I use “Slavonic” name because its more close english version of our name Slavane/Sławianie etc.

“Slavs got it from Caucasus (ex Sumerian) nations, just like the god Perun, which derives from Hittite Perun or Peru, which means a rock. The same with other ‘Slavic’ gods and goddesses, which almost all have a foreign origin…” – Please teach us ,but give some sources to support.
Actually most European gods have common Indo-European source. Perun/Perkun/Piorun etc is Slavic god and the closest to the original Indo-European thunder god Perkwunos. Also myth about battle between thundergod and serpent is common for most European religions. For example Thor is much “younger” god than Perun. He replaced older god Fjorgyn (“f” and “p” are exchangable in skandinavian languages so it was originally “Pjorgyn” which sound very similar to Polish version of this god “Piorun”).


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