I can't find videos, but I present to you Kimata


They are a mostly failed attempt to try to claim that only black people (in this instance, those in the United States, apparently) can truly understand the religion of ancient Egypt.  This, of course, overlooks the fact that African-Americans come from west African coastal regions, not the far eastern part of Africa which has always been tied in with the Middle East and Mediterranean, but there you go!

Their only requirements?  You must be black and you must tithe your butt off:

Revenue for our Nation is derived from: the annual registration fee of $10 required from each active adult member, the monthly property assessment fee on real estate of 1% of rent or .01% of assessed value, the daily 3% consumption assessment fee on spending, and the annual income assessment fee called Epah based on 1.5625% (1/64) of income that is collected from each active member. Additional funds are raised through various funds which operate to collect money for specific purposes and projects. The National Budget is presented to the Assembly and the active membership each Jaxowatha 1st (September 11th or 12th before leap year) (The Romathi new year). It details the proposed revenue derivation and allocation for the following year.

Some groups are on the fringe for a reason :)