There are many Slavic names to choose from. And we can make more using the words we have. I mean dragoslav can change one letter to become drugoslav and it has changed meaning. Change two letters and it can become družeslav and change meaning again. The great thing about Slavic names is that we can make more :D

Very true, we are nothing if not versatile, even when it comes to names :)

Which is my point. With so much rich culture and history to choose from (even making amalgamations such as the aforementioned ones) why the hell would any Slav name their kid "Tamara" or "Rebeka" or some nonsense like that? And yet… they are doing so. More and more.

You don't have to name the child after a direct ancestor (even though I like the concept of that tradition), but for the love of Slavdom, name them something Slavic!