It was supposed to be one extreme to the other, to make a point. If you HAD to choose, would you rather a handful of recurring Slavic names within a family, or name them something like "Jesika?" I know what I'd rather.

That being said, as you just pointed out, names change with the times. So maybe names like "Janez" become outdated, and are replaced, which is just what happens – people move forward. Although, personally I think the name Janez sounds awesome :D

Much cooler than "Matej" or "Mateja." To me, that name has always sounded kind of gay. I equate it with the even gayer-sounding German name Hanz. Also, Jože sounds much too like Spanish "Jose," a name that irks me greatly for some unexplainable reason.

So in conclusion, go with Janez :D

Yeah, all part of being individualistic and no longer belonging to anything or anyone. The world is going to hell, one baby named "Apple" at a time ;)

Ehm, I'm already a Janez (in a way) though I'm not named with this very name. An equivalent to it. You probably wouldn't like it. ;D
I'd say Jože reminds you on Jose only in written form as Jóže and [Hoze] haven't that much in common when said.

Well, I get your point and I'd certainly rather have 5 Slavic names than some weird western ones.

Otherwise, Janez, Johannes, Hannes, Hans, Johann, Jean, Juan, John, Ivan, Jovan, Jan … are all the same shit.

Sometimes it's ok though. Could you imagine Napoleon Bonaparte being called Luigi? Or Mario? ;D

I'm not familiar with the baptism ritual.

Lol, Luigi Bonaparte, Emperor of the French people. :D Fu*king amazing!

Well, you get a patron with the same name as you. Otherwise you have namesday on 40 mučenikov day (if you're a man), vseh svetih day or something else. I don't know.