I don’t understand the constant need to bash people of Slavic descent in the new world.  The earliest Slavs who came here (in large numbers) was in the 1890s.  My Great Great Grandfather (who arrived during that time frame) was alive until the early 1960s (some people did make it to their 90’s back in the past) and met my Mother – it’s not ‘ancient history’ but living memory in my household.

This doesn’t count people whose families came in the 1920s, 1950s or 1970s (or even 1990s among the Yugoslav communities).

We could arguably say that people here become ‘Americanized’, but I encountered much irony behind that thesis on my vacations to Eastern Europe – Eastern European women seem to emulate the “MTV Whore” appearance (bleached blonde hair and mini-skirts) more so than women do here.  I also saw quite a few Chavs (Gopniks) in the Baltic, Poland and Ukraine and that’s definitely not Slavic culture (it’s American Wiggerism).

I’m under the impression that after the Berlin Wall felled in the early 1990s, a lot of people in Eastern Europe (looking to emulate the West) copied their only known images of Western Life (MTV and Hollywood celebrities) and therefore, themselves, are technically more American in culture than many Americans and Canadians (Hollyweird and MTV is nothing like how ordinary people here live.  The sluts on show like Jersey Shore don’t exist among the average population here, but the average Eastern European woman is more likely to emulate that garbage than an average North American woman).

Again I could point out additional facts that, in regards to culture, much of Ukrainian culture was better preserved in the new world (for instance, Ukrainian Dancing itself was largely in decline during the Soviet Union, due to state mechanism and politics, while it largely flourish abroad in the United States and Canada).

The only exception, in that regard, can be language but language is and always has been a vehicle for economics and there’s no economical benefit to maintaining Slavic languages in the new world. .  and you can’t fault people for living here who only speak English, there are Russians in China in small border villages who can’t speak Russian – only Chinese languages – much like there is concurrently a generation of Southern Slavs in Germany and Scandinavia who can’t communicate in their parent’s or grandparent’s languages.  If we are running by a language thesis, then those people technically lost their ‘Slavdom’ instanteously compared to how it literally took over a 100 years to completely assimilate Slavs into the Anglophone community in North America.