There are more than two types but most Croats that call themselves patriots abide by ‘three loves’ First love towards God , second love towards our families , and third love towards our homeland. When you think about it a lot of Slavs follow this formula exceptions being really religious and irreligious ones. I know some so-called ‘Ustashe’ and it is true that they are hostile to pan Slavism or at best do not approve of it because they do not trust other Slavs and most of the extremists put Catholicism ( or I*slam for M*slim believers ) first and see the majority Orthodox Slavs as a threat to try to usurp the Holy Roman Church from our culture and turn us into Orthodox Slavs or communists. Note these are certainly not my personal views since I am a skeptic of religion myself but I am merely conveying the common view. Croats aren’t really right or left in the traditional sense either. Socially a lot of Croats prefer the conservative approach but economically they vote for the Leftists believing they can provide job security and future work for their children. The Leftists are far more powerful in HR than any right wing groups.

Croats are very aware of their White Croatian history and very aware that it was already a Slavic nation in that period and I challenge you to meet any significant number of Croats today who would deny that. As far as the Iranian hypothesis , why not?  It’s clear as day the name ‘Croat’ is not of Slavic origin and traces a Sarmatian past according to the evidence available. But that’s nothing strange for some Slav nations. Croats , Bulgarians , and Russians trace their unique names to pre Slav history. The pre Slav nomads themselves were absorbed into Slavic peoples but left their name to give certain tribes of Slavs more specific identities. What’s wrong with that? Especially since its true… Proto Croats ceased to exist long ago and all their subjects and descendants were Slavs as evidence by the culture and language of the Croat people  :P. I don’t think very many Croats would deny the above stated and far more are interested in our deep Slavic past ( and beyond of course) as evidenced by the large number of Croats right here on this most outstanding forum