Think what you will about ethnic and religious mixing or clashing, but I actually have come into contact with KKK members, and I assure you, they are complete and total morons :)  The majority of them are hicks, who do nothing but egg each other on in the hopes that they can get up enough gumption to vent their anger at unwitting crowds.  Even the ones who try to keep to themselves are morons.  I've known quite a few, and they are generally the type of people who don't have the capacity to hold a rational discussion. 

There are people who believe in essentially the same message as these fools, but who are able to speak of it in a competent and non-violent manner.  Those people have a message I think is garbage, but I would not call them morons, because they don't behave as such.

There is no single Klan group anymore, there's dozens of them, which specific Klan did these members you met belong to?  Although they can be divided into two main camps The traditional Klan and the newer more neo Nazi influence one. I have attended the IKA's NordicFest and spent a few days living and eating with them and they where some of the most hospitable people I had ever met. Your "knowledge" of "The Klan" is very limited, to put it mildly.